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For general enquiries and further information, please contact us:

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Tel:417-252-7875 or 417-247-1821



We are located approx 9 miles from Mtn View and 9 miles from Summersville. If you are coming from Mtn View take Hwy 17 North to O Hwy. (After you cross Buck Hollow Bridge). O Hwy is on your right.  Take O approx 1.5 miles to CR 437.  It is the first County Road on your right.  If you pass it never fear... take the next county road O-A to your right (at the top of a hill!!) and you can come in the backside of the farm.  When you are on CR 437 we are the 3rd place on your right.  Go down the long driveway, up towards the barn (easier for campers), and follow the road to the campground. It's on your right. 

If you have to take the 2nd county road (O-A)'s approx a mile down the dirt road on your left.  You can't see the campground from the road.  There is a sign up .. follow the road up the hill and pull in through the open gate on your left, go pass the cabins to the campsites.  

You can always pull us up on GOOGLE MAPS!!!!!!

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